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Zilla Panchayat Kalaburagi

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Kalaburagi has 4 Medical Colleges..

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There are many attractions in Kalaburagi: Forts, Temples, Religious Places

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Kalaburagi was known as 'KALBURGI' in former days which means stony land in Kannada. Kalaburagi district is situated in the northern part of Karnataka State. In the earlier days, Kalaburagi was a district of Hyderabad Karnataka area and became a part of Karnataka State after re-organization of states.

Recorded history of this district dates back to the 6th Century A.D. The Rashtrakutas gained control over the area but the Chalukyas regained their domain within a short period and regained supreme for over two hundred years. The Kalahari's who succeeded them ruled till the 12th Century AD. Around the close of the 12th century.

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