Galleries & Science Park

Fun Science Gallery

This gallery has 34 exhibits that explain the general principles of science coupled with fun component. Head on a Platter, magic water tap, Vanishing Doll, Electronics organ, Floating ball, Tesla coil , Jumping Disc are a few among them to entertain the visitors.

Popular Science Gallery

This gallery has 23 exhibits which explain the basic sciences of our everyday life. Infinity well, Square Wheels, Rising bubbles, Colour shadows, Chaos & order , Floating in the air are a few exhibits among many exhibits to attract visitors.

Electronic Gallery

It is a technology based gallery with 44 exhibits that speaks basic to advance electronics. Starting from flow of electrons, conductors, insulators & semiconductors, gallery make the visitors a tour towards the world of electronics & communication technology. Digital wall, Sensors, Virtual Makeover, Bluetooth technology, Milestones in electronics and Satellite Communication are a few exhibits which attract visitors’ constantly.

Mathematics Gallery

This gallery has 33 exhibits. It is spread over an area of 130 Sq. mtrs. Gallery unfolds the mathematical concepts in easy way. Several exhibits focus on the curriculum, through which school children can have hands on experience on the basic mathematics laws. This gallery motivates the students & general public towards learning Mathematics.

Mirror Maze

This explains scientific principles involved in mirror optics. We are all aware of mirrors that are flat, known as plane mirrors. What happens when several mirrors are placed at different angles to each other? The Mirror Maze corner provides opportunity for exploring all such manifestations and experiencing them.

Science Park

The Science Park has 56 interactive exhibits. In this park visitors are motivated to learn Science through fun and play. Visitors can play musical notes in musical pipes exhibit, get an echo of the voice through the echo tube, understand a pendulum by playing in the swings of different length, get the fun of lifting yourself in the exhibit lift yourself. There are lot more things to play and learn. Park also has many plants & tress with medicinal value.

Dinosaur Park

It is a prehistoric park that hosts 7 different prehistoric animal models. They are Dimetrodon, Scelidosaurus ,Gallimimus , Psittacosaurus., Corythosaurus, Tyrennosaurus – Rex, and Spinosaurus. Few of them are equipped with pneumatics. It is the area where children amuse and public & students learn about the different types of dinosaurs, their habits and habitat.