Mobile Science Exhibition

It is a programme meant for rural schools. MSE has a bus fitted with 20 working models based on General Science, a Science Demonstration Lecture. A three member team visits with this bus and stay in a rural school for one or two days and organize the programme for the children & public. This bus visits at least 60 sites per year carrying the Message of Science to nook and corner of the North Karnataka.


It is semi-air conditioned hall with 120 seating capacity and a simple stage facility. The auditorium is equipped with Public Address System, Computer with LCD Projector. It is used for all scientific/educational activities of the Centre. The Auditorium is also available for holding conferences, workshops, exhibitions … etc., related to education and scientific programmes.

Digital Planetarium

It is a modern facility added to attract the mass. It is entirely different from conventional Opto-mechanical planetariums. It is a dome shaped structure with air condition & well cushioned seats. Public and students can enjoy the show of heavenly bodies and changing night sky. It is supported by 7.1 digital audio effects. 52 visitors can sit and watch the show at a time.

3D Theatre

Here visitors can enjoy watching science & fiction related films. 3D goggles helps you to see close up images and thus it makes more thrilling experience. It is Air conditioned hall, with 40 seating capacity.