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About District Science Centre Kalaburagi

The District Science centre was opened to the public on 6th January 1984 with a gallery on "Wealth of Gulbarga" and a small Science Park. It is functioning under NCSM (Govt. of India) involved in dissemination science through various educational extensional activities in Gulbarga District and also in the districts of Hyderabad Karnataka area. Gulbarga, the headquarters of erstwhile Bahamani Kingdom is now a fascinating place with unparalleled attractions including historic monuments, works of art and cultural contributions. Situated in this land of distinct heritage District Science Centre, Gulbarga engages itself in dissemination of science through interactive exhibitions & through non-formal method science education. It is a place of recreation in science. The centre provides a perfect ambiance to explore science through hands-on expositions, Digital Planetarium, 3D theatre, Science Park, Dinosaur Park and galleries with many interactive exhibits. It presents a plethora of facilities to inculcate scientific attitude in society.

This is the first Dist. Science Centre opened in the southern part of our country. At present the centre has galleries on Fun Science, Popular Science, Electronics and Mathematics. Other facilities are mirror maze, Digital Planetarium, 3D Theatre, Dinosaurs Park & Science Park. Digital planetarium, along with sky observation facility helps the visitors to learn wonders of the universe. The centre also operates a Mobile science exhibition bus since 1990, which travels in the interiors places of Hyderabad Karnataka Area for spreading message of science.

The activities of the Centre include Community Training Programmes for different categories of society on different topics, Teacher Training Programmes, Rural Science Camp, Workshops, Vacation Hobby Courses, Science Fair, Popular Science Lectures in different fields of science & technology, Science Demonstration Lectures, Commemorative Days, Sky Observation Programmes, Temporary Exhibitions, Science Quizzes, Science Seminars, ...etc.